Local Business
Allied Motion:  Designs and manufactures motors for motion control products in the commercial, industrial, and aerospace and defense markets.
Ox Industries:  Serving industrial and consumer needs in paperboard, covering, and special media applications.  Products include Cap Closure Paperboard for pharmaceutical products (pill bottle seals) and vacuum seals for food and other consumer goods.  They also produce mat board for graphic arts markets, packaging, and a variety of Industrial uses.  They currently control 100% of the North American market and 40% of the worldwide market in pharmaceutical (pill bottle) product seals; 80% of the North American market and 25% of the world market for mat board.
Current Applications:  Produces custom motors for clients throughout the world.  Offers complete motor, gear train, and application design service for a wide range of applications regardless of volume.
Fibermark:  A world-class fully integrated manufacturer of fiber-based specialty materials.
Jain Irrigation:  Is a leading manufacturer of drip irrigation tape used in agricultural and green house operations around the world.  The Watertown, NY facility ships product to 64 different countries.  Headquarters are in India.  Founded in Watertown in 1960 as Chapin Watermatics.  The Jain Companies (headquartered in Jalgaon,India), purchased Chapin in 2006.
Knowlton Technologies:  A world-leader in the design, prototyping, and manufacture of composite webs and laminate materials for the brake, engine drive train markets as well as fluid filtration.
MetalCraft Marine:  Builds high-speed aluminum boats used for fire and rescue, law enforcement, military, business, and marine research applications.  A Canadian-owned company headquartered in Kingston, Ontario.
New York Air Brake:  New York Air Brake has been producing brakes and integrated train control systems for the rail industry since 1890, and continues to bring new technology to the workplace.  NYAB is a the largest manufacturer of air brakes in the world.  Owned by German-based Knorr-Bremse. 
North American Tapes:  2nd largest producer of hockey tape in the World.  Used by players at all levels of the game—from novices to the elite professional—including every team in the NHL.  Canadian-owned.  Started in Watertown in 2003.
Roth Industries:  German-owned company specializing in environmentally-friendly products that produce, distribute, and store energy for the finest homes.
Timeless Frames, Décor, and Expressions: Has the largest custom framing facility in the United States.  Founded in Watertown in 1999.